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Our mission at Yerevan Coworking is to create an environment for individual professionals and startups to thrive within the city of Yerevan. We encourage and support members in their work and the development of new ideas to solve the social, technological, environmental, economic, and urban challenges we face today.


Humans Are Social Creatures

Coworking is not just about workspace — It’s about feeling less lonely and staying motivated to create new things and ideas and work hard.


We believe That
Collaboration Breeds

First, collaborative spaces are considered as spaces facilitating creativity and innovation, based on interdisciplinarity, openness and collaboration. The emergence of the knowledge economy has implied that an increasing number of jobs are based on individual creativity and personal initiative. In a complex and uncertain economy, the processes of creativity and innovation have become increasingly heterogeneous, distributed and pervasive. The exploration of new ideas and the development of innovative products and services take place in a context in which the social aspect plays a key role.

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