As summer approaches, many entrepreneurs and business owners find themselves struggling to maintain a balance between work and relaxation. While it’s tempting to simply take a break and indulge in the season’s pleasures, the reality is that work still needs to get done. Thankfully, there is a solution: coworking. Here are five reasons why coworking is the perfect way to have a productive summer vacation:

  1. Escape the Distractions of Home and Office

Summer is full of distractions, whether it’s the kids running around the house or the humdrum of the corporate office. But when you cowork, you can escape these disruptions and retreat to a productive and inspiring environment. Our coworking space is intentionally designed to offer a variety of work settings, from private workstations to collaborative areas, so you can get your best work done on any given day. With business-class WiFi, printing services, and an on-site café, you’ll have everything you need to stay fueled and focused. Consider this the vacation that doesn’t have to end.

  1. Collaborate with a Community

While your teammates may be taking time off, you don’t have to go it alone. Coworking offers the opportunity to collaborate with a community of professionals and entrepreneurs. Working alongside other members provides a natural source of accountability and grit, and when you receive an automated “Out-of-office” reply, our coworking membership allows you to draw on a consistent community of professionals to serve as your sounding board and temporary co-worker.

  1. Work from Anywhere

Summer schedules can be spontaneous, keeping you on the go. Rather than limiting yourself to a single environment or office, give yourself the flexibility and option to work from any of our convenient workplaces. Our coworking space is located in downtown Yerevan, so you can work wherever your summer takes you.

  1. Access a Wealth of Knowledge

Why listen to trendy podcasts and read self-help articles when you can tap into a community of professionals and entrepreneurs? Our coworking space offers a unique variety of skill sets, talents, and expertise that can be applied to your business. Whether you need help with marketing, finance, or anything in between, our invested community and team are eager to provide buy-in and perspectives to help recalibrate your priorities for the remainder of the year.

  1. Take a Fun Break

Summer break isn’t just for kids. While we may not have the luxury of two months of PTO, we think workdays could use a serious injection of fun. That’s why our team plans member events throughout the summer, such as enjoying King of Pops on the patio or bringing an outdoor BBQ indoors. These events provide an opportunity for you to take a break from emails and socialize with other members. Not only will your sanity thank you for the mental break, but your team will also benefit from your renewed sense of creativity and innovation.

Don’t let the distractions of summer be a setback for all that you’ve accomplished this year. Take the vacation you deserve and experience a better way to work this summer. Join the Yerevan Coworking community and explore how coworking can offer a flexible solution to summertime distractions. Drop by for a tour of one of our workplaces or visit our coworking page on Facebook for more details.

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