How many people visited your office today? What about yesterday? What about those who came to your office on May 27 2021? The answer is the Visitor Management Systems.

Seems like you will have some difficulty to answer this question. Even if you can, you might need to open piles of disheveled paper from the shelves or open that Excel document in your computer and count them manually.

Well, so now we have these questions: how accurate is that data? Are the names in that document is correct? What about their visiting time? Did you know which employee that they visit? Some offices have unlocked lobby and room, yet restricted. How do you know that no visitor enters that room without a particular intention?

Those are the questions that comes if your office do not apply visitor management system.

This article will elaborate what a visitor management is and its benefit.

Visitor Management System: A Definition

Visitor management system is a technology that tracks visitors entering your office. These visitors can be your client, courier, interviewee, contractor, consultant, or maybe the cousin of your CEO’s grandma. The point is, anyone who is not a full-time employee is a visitor.

This system replaces the conventional visitor record with a medium that is more accessible. It gives you access to monitor the visitor that enters your buildings, campuses, or other facilities. It is possible because the visitors have to log-in and use ID badges if they wish to enter certain places so the management can keep an eye of them.

The Benefits of Visitor Management System

The replacement of the traditional visitor management method with the technology presents new benefits. In general, a visitor management system increases organization’s productivity and efficiency. Here is why:

Improve site comfort

The priority of an organization should be the safety and comfort of the working environment, the facility, and the worker. This kind of security can only be achieved if the organization implements the visitor management system. It will ensure that there is no intrusion from irresponsible person.

If the security is there, another benefit comes along the way. The environment and the facility will be a place where employees experience comfort and good ambience while interacting with the customers.

Build a strong reputation

Visitor management system can help organization build a strong brand reputation. A good system can create a mutual dependency and trust between the employees and visitors.

A strict security system will impress the visitors who enter your office. The truth speaks, it will affect your brand reputation. They know that your organization takes their security management seriously, so does the business management.

Efficient site control

This system helps you control your site efficiently. Everyone inside your office facility is detected, thanks to the visitor registration system.

With the visitor management system, you can easily track who is where and who enters and leaves the building. If one day, there is an emergency situation such as disasters or fire, evacuation team can prepare for a successful evacuation process. Hence, if there’s any visitors trapped they can be located easily because the system can access their ID badges in any device at any time.

Site security

Espionage often haunts business owners. The prevention of theft and vandalism must be done and this is the task that visitor management system is capable of.

This system will keep a tab open to monitor a registered visitor with ID badges. With the ID badges hanging around, it does not only stop theft but also makes the employees to be more alert.

A cost-saving solution

In contrast with the security solution that use scanning technology, visitor management system is more cost-saving and more efficient.

One of the excellence of this system is how flexible and scalable it is. Yes, you can also select features that you only need. Therefore, with a budget-friendly investment, you can have a system that supports your organization that boost its efficiency.


With a number of advantages of visitor management system, it is clear that this system is important. Not implementing it in your business will only hamper your business growth in the future.

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